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Customized by: Matthew T. McHenry (Contact)
The Bots and Farnryste
Added: June 4, 2011 (1404 Page Views)
This is Farnryste and his robotic creations. Farnryste was a native of the Antarctic metropolis of Creywel, who was known for his robots. His father, Morwin, forced them to flee to Germany during the era of the Third Reich. It was during the war that Farnryste became aware of his father's ill intents and apathy towards him. Because of this, Farnryste turned against his father and joined the Allied Forces. In the Fifties, Farnryste created four unique robots with unique personalities.

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"dude, you rule. awesome customs, awesome story. really love all the integration of different toy brands." - ghost_zhyeff - 06/04/2011 Report Violation
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