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Customized by: Nick.L (Contact)
Anton Chigurh
Added: January 1, 2009 (2763 Page Views)

 Had a few more stikfas for Christmas, and was reading 'No Country For Old Men' and decided to make this guy since it'd be quick and easy (took a couple of hours on and off).

 I've made most of the captive bolt pistol (used for cattle slaughter) he uses to dispose of people (and to punch out locks on doors), but I still can't find suitable material for the cable, so for now I've made do with his silenced shotgun (gun itself was some stikfas rifle since I actually lost the shotgun :P).

 Basic Alpha male with a chopped up jacket from a Star Wars 'Ponda Baba' action figure and epoxy sculpted hair. The silencer was some leg off a weird plastic figure I found, so just chopped off the shin and painted it.

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"Thanks man, Im glad you think so :)" - Nick.L - 01/14/2009 Report Violation
"That face is spot on. Instantly recognizable..." - Zook - 01/13/2009 Report Violation
"hey thanks alot guys! :D" - Nick.L - 01/02/2009 Report Violation
"you work magic my man. ;) " - Metal Zi: Hobbicidal Bastard - 01/01/2009 Report Violation
""What's the most you've ever lost in a coin toss?" Very good likeness. I'm sure we'd all love to see the cattle stunner once you finish it." - Mad Rhetoric - 01/01/2009 Report Violation
"thanks alot :)" - Nick.L - 01/01/2009 Report Violation
"I appreciate the painted face as well as...everything else about this custom." - El Disturbo - 01/01/2009 Report Violation
" Thanks, I was worried I wouldn't get the eyes right. I far prefer painting the faces on to using stickers." - Nick.L - 01/01/2009 Report Violation
"That's a pretty good likeness. Face and hair look good. Eyes especially. Well done." - Shadow Master - 01/01/2009 Report Violation
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