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Customized by: Metal Zi: Hobbicidal Bastard (Contact)
Miralukan Sith
Added: October 21, 2008 (2137 Page Views)

her name was Sampa Roman, a highly Force sensitive Miralukan who was born with  Vestigal eyes that became Blood Red as she became older instead of staying normal white for the rest of her life. at an early age she showed no leanings towards the Dark Side, but as she grew her sensitivity to it grew more and more until it finally consumed her. obsessed with the Power that can be tapped from it she trained as a Relentless Sith Apprentice, honing her unique ability to induce Force Lightning from within her victims( which caused her eerie red eyes to glow) before finally killing her Master Darth Raez and completing her journey into becoming a Sith Master. now she goes by the name Darth Vilitz,

 the Dark Lady of the Maelstrom


Notes: made this for the Jedi challenge over at Hobbicide. 

More: http://www.hobbicide.com/phpbb/viewtopic.php?f=4&t...

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"Very cool!" - DeadGearHead - 10/22/2008 Report Violation
"yeah, you're right about the hair, it would've helped if i painted it flat black and then went over it with the brown. that way the strands would have been even more visible. :)" - Metal Zi: Hobbicidal Maniac - 10/21/2008 Report Violation
"Well i do like it, but i don't like the hair very much... but any way nice job!" - Moldy Taco 360 - 10/21/2008 Report Violation
"I like how it turned out Zi. very nice." - Lazar Janus - 10/21/2008 Report Violation
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