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Customized by: angelo gabriel manuel (Contact)
Lee Chaolan tekken
Added: October 4, 2008 (2898 Page Views)
this is Lee Chaolan of tekkn 6 he looks messy but i will work on it ,so how i made him  for the head i sculpted the hair with sculpey baige the jacket is the chest part of the legionnaire chest then just painted it i did the same with the arm and in the wrist i used marker and the hand is black alpha male for the pants i just used a black alpha male pants so this is how i made him please comment:0

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"meads meant Hobbicide.com. :) haven't played tekken in years now, still, good tries dude. ;)" - Metal Zi: Hobbicidal Maniac - 10/05/2008 Report Violation
"wut i meant to say is tekken 6 aight " - angelo gabriel manuel - 10/04/2008 Report Violation
"um i cant use putty cause my dad wont allow me and i dont want to use putty either and what forum were" - angelo gabriel manuel - 10/04/2008 Report Violation
"There's a lot of ways to make the hair. It might be awhile till you try using clay or putty on your customs. I've been using masking tape, like what i did with Beta Fox. You should join a stikfas forum to get tips on improving your customs ^_~" - meadeslemicah - 10/04/2008 Report Violation
"ya i should and i will try making paul and jin the only prob with paul is his hair but ill try" - angelo gabriel manuel - 10/04/2008 Report Violation
"like what Zi said, also might help having the light against the stikfas (either in front or on top) but not behind it. I wonder if you'll make a jin or paul custom. :P" - meadeslemicah - 10/04/2008 Report Violation
"clearer pics please, some of the details are a bit obscured. :)" - Metal Zi: Hobbicidal Maniac - 10/04/2008 Report Violation
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