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Customized by: jan calleja (Contact)
ZU 5
Added: October 1, 2008 (2572 Page Views)

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"Hey, black.matter! Nice to see you found paintstik. Again, great custom, mate..." - Zook - 10/10/2008 Report Violation
"Hi guys!! Sorry it took me a while to upload extra pics of my stikfas. But its already there. Thanks!!" - jan calleja - 10/08/2008 Report Violation
"I washed painted cut insulation strips then super-glued them one by one :)" - jan calleja - 10/05/2008 Report Violation
"wow that is so awsome like how u layed the bullet casings around him" - xlasher - 10/04/2008 Report Violation
"THANKS again guys!! I will, dont worry" - jan calleja - 10/03/2008 Report Violation
"Yes, great job. You should join a forum and stik around. ;D" - Shadow Master - 10/02/2008 Report Violation
"pretty cool custom ,,V,^_^,V,, i saw some more pics in your flickr account. Maybe post the link to your flickr gallery here. Your other "Zu" creations are awesome as well." - meadeslemicah - 10/02/2008 Report Violation
"...Shoulder, elbow joints still works. Hips...hmmm, well it can rotate and be sent to an angle. The only sad part here is that I accidentally glued the knee joint!!! so there it is...I owe you guys pics!! Thanks again!!" - jan calleja - 10/02/2008 Report Violation
"Wow! Thanks guys!! I'll be posting more pics of your liking as soon as my wife is sleeping!! :) ha ha ha...OK, what I can tell you now is that it is well balanced, it can stand anywhere as long as it is flat..." - jan calleja - 10/02/2008 Report Violation
"oh thank God! a non-bash! :D ...not that there's anything wrong with that. ;)" - Metal Zi: Hobbicidal Maniac - 10/02/2008 Report Violation
"Very nice custom. I agree with the rest. I'd like to see more pics, ones where we can see him in more dynamic poses. I'm curious to see if he can move or stand with all that gear. " - Gian Lije Garcia - 10/01/2008 Report Violation
"more pics!!!" - terry hollister - 10/01/2008 Report Violation
"sweet custom, more pics would be awesome. :)" - Ben - 10/01/2008 Report Violation
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