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Customized by: meadeslemicah (Contact)
Exoskeleton Armor
Added: September 2, 2008 (2313 Page Views)

i bashed this last night.  Quite interesting how it turned out.  Anyone tried this yet?  I'm kinda interested on how it looks like with other dino kits.

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"That's so rad!" - Mark Harris - 09/04/2008 Report Violation
"literal exo SKELETON. :D" - Metal Zi: Hobbicidal Maniac - 09/03/2008 Report Violation
"awesome!" - jackson gamick - 09/02/2008 Report Violation
"Holy crap zombie dinosaur suit. Nice!" - Mad Rhetoric - 09/02/2008 Report Violation
" That's a very cool concept! Looks awesome. :)" - Nick.L - 09/02/2008 Report Violation
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