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Customized by: Mad Rhetoric (Contact)
The Big Daddy
Added: August 31, 2008 (2968 Page Views)

Now we've got the Big Daddy. Silent (mostly) powerhouses that only protect the Little Sisters of Rapture. From the FPS Bioshock.

This must've been the biggest and longest Stikfas project I've ever done. I couldn't find a decent drill piece, (and I'm not paying 0.50 cents for one online... yet) so I made do with a cone. I think you can see where the sculpt is...

As projects of mine go, I definetly had a better vision of this in my head. But also by the same token, it could've came out wayyyy worse.

Would you kindly take a look at the rest of the Big Daddy Photos, including photoshop edits with glowing eyes and such, at the link?

More: http://s182.photobucket.com/albums/x20/M_R_Stikfas...

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"its okay but the body doesnt blend into the legs it just kinda stops and goes back to being a normal stikfa" - Ross LaRocca - 01/05/2009 Report Violation
"Yeah I believe I explained the drill. But other than that bit I'm not sure on your point." - Mad Rhetoric - 09/07/2008 Report Violation
"ok... um the drill is rong and its just a diving suit! theres nobody in it!" - HyperStikfa53 - 09/05/2008 Report Violation
"very cool" - sean healey - 09/01/2008 Report Violation
"Came out very well!But you might want to add details on the drill maybe some drybrushing to highlight blood residue But it really captures the real big daddy! " - Biohazard - 09/01/2008 Report Violation
" Awesome on toast! 10'd and faved. :D" - Nick.L - 09/01/2008 Report Violation
"Nice work. It captures the essence of the Big Daddy and keeps the Stikfas style very well. Great work." - Shadow Master - 08/31/2008 Report Violation
"I may not like bioshock but that turned out pretty cool ;)" - Shiningmonk_e - 08/31/2008 Report Violation
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