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Customized by: Nick (Contact)
Mr Tulip
Added: July 23, 2008 (2081 Page Views)

Meet Mr Tulip, Zombie Lawyer and contestant in the Hobbicide.com Zombie Bachelorette Competition. He is a Lawyer that sets precedent, because he is precedent.

Mr Tulip is powered by DC electricity collected by his special umbrella, which means he can do away with social unacceptable behavior of eating brains.

Mr Tulip is a advocate of Zombie rights, and firm believer that life really begins after your dead. 

Mr Tulip was the first custom I've made this year, he is an odd ball collection of Stikfas bits all from my bitz box, I don't think under the paint that a single piece matches. The hat is modded from the phantom kit with green stuff, and the umbrella is a combo of the Omega Knights Lance and green stuff to make the umbrella bit, and a piece from the Chinese Warrior Monk to finish off the end.

More: http://www.stikfans.com

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"thats funny. 10." - xlasher - 06/25/2009 Report Violation
"wow, that is awesome, amazing custom, both in physical form, and the story behind him..." - sean healey - 08/03/2008 Report Violation
"u should make him a client." - pistol567 - 07/30/2008 Report Violation
"cool" - pistol567 - 07/28/2008 Report Violation
"This guy is great! I love the story concept and the drybrush paint works perfectly on the figure." - Brian Spradlin - 07/24/2008 Report Violation
"Dude, he's malnutritioned from being a walking corpse for so long. ;D" - Shadow Master - 07/24/2008 Report Violation
"i know hemish said it first but... girly legs" - Metal Zi: Hobbicidal Maniac - 07/24/2008 Report Violation
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