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Customized by: Nick (Contact)
Captain Britain
Added: July 21, 2008 (2182 Page Views)

Captain Britain, Protector of the Multiverse, Guardian of Avalon and generally a much overlooked marvel superhero.

Captain Britain is my first real TM Stikfas custom I've ever customized, and was made for the August Secret Santa on the now defunct Katoots board (now moved to Hobbicide.com).

The body of Captain Britain was an Omega body, and Omega upper arms, slapped together onto an Alpha body. The helmet is a sanded down Viking helm modded with Green stuff.

A lot of fun, and now living down in Oz :)



More: http://www.stikfans.com

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"sorry its a gtreat custom i was just joking." - bob freky - 07/27/2008 Report Violation
"My apologies, the grey white messages can blend into one :) Green stuff is a two part epoxy putty that is used by plumbers. It cures with heat and sculpts really well." - Nick - 07/22/2008 Report Violation
"I didnt say that bob freky did, all i said was what is Green stuff!" - sirus - 07/22/2008 Report Violation
"Thanks Chaps, I had a lot of fun making Captain Britain. He really is a simple TM custom to make all you've got to make sure is to keep his lines clean. And Sirus, Captain Britain is not the Cap's nemesis, they are both Heroes." - Nick - 07/22/2008 Report Violation
"hes nice, thanks nick!" - BullStik - 07/22/2008 Report Violation
"It's simple but i like it ^_^" - Meades Lemicah - 07/21/2008 Report Violation
"What is green stuff?" - sirus - 07/21/2008 Report Violation
"wow...that's the noobiest question i've heard... bravo. oh and nice custom, Nick!" - the First the Original, Metal Zi - 07/21/2008 Report Violation
"so is he captain amereica's nemissis or someting? :D?" - bob freky - 07/21/2008 Report Violation
"cool " - bob freky - 07/21/2008 Report Violation
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