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Customized by: Marty@Hobbicide.com (Contact)
Zombie Ninja Assassin
Added: July 11, 2008 (2079 Page Views)

This was made for the hobbicide.com  ZOMBIE Stikfas Batchelorette contest.

You can visit hobbicide.com for more info about the contest. 


After eating the brains of the emperor's deceased daughter, Chop was cursed to eat brains forever and do the bidding of whoever possessed his own brain, which was removed violently with a sai to the head.
As luck would have it, his current master won Chop's brain in a game of Russian Roulette.
For hundreds of years, Chop has assassinated emperors, eaten brains, munched on bodies and generally made a bloody mess of people. He has slept silently for a decade, waiting for his next mission.....
Now, the cursed zombie ninja has risen once more, to fulfill yet another task placed upon him by his master. His mission this time is to score!

More: http://www.hobbicide.com

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"awesome! i feel like we'll see more of him at Hobbicide.com! :D" - the First the Original, Metal Zi - 07/11/2008 Report Violation
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