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Customized by: Phil Ashby (Contact)
Added: July 1, 2008 (4692 Page Views)

Mongrol is a character from 2000ad magazine and one of the ABC Warriors. These Atomic, Bacterial and Chemical mechs are designed for the most hostile conditions and have full personalities giving them independant thought. Mongrol was destroyed save for his head, which was saved by a scavenger called Lara who rebuilt him from salvaged parts. Mongrol was captured and his brain electrified during torture and Lara was murdered by Volgan troops - They wanted answers but it only made Mongrol an insane destructive ape driven by revenge and the need to become heroic - He wants to see Lara in heaven and has been told that only good robots get to go to heaven...

His battle cry is MONGROL SMUSH!

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More: http://s44.photobucket.com/albums/f49/Philly73/MON...

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"I like the texture and the wicked paint job" - boyette - 07/08/2008 Report Violation
"Who would give you a one?" - sirus - 07/08/2008 Report Violation
"Love his face" - Kelly Wilson(kel7alpha) - 07/05/2008 Report Violation
"Awesome custom Phil." - Shadow Master - 07/02/2008 Report Violation
"Yeah, SOMEBODY gave me a '1' :(" - Phil Ashby - 07/02/2008 Report Violation
"9.3?? D:" - the First the Original, Metal Zi - 07/01/2008 Report Violation
"That is excellent work...should be all 10's!!! " - Donald Vandervoort - 07/01/2008 Report Violation
"oh man i love the ABC warriors! good job! :D" - the First the Original, Metal Zi - 07/01/2008 Report Violation
"kickin man do u have any tips for a starter any one i drely like some tips" - bob freky - 07/01/2008 Report Violation
"Phil this is an insane custom, it looks really cool! Now, you need to do the rest of the Warriors - Hammerstein, Joe Pineapples or even Ro-Jaws?" - Nick - 07/01/2008 Report Violation
"that is awesome nice work" - FETT1969 - 07/01/2008 Report Violation
"ABC Warriors Rock!!! The Artists on those storys were Awesome and that goes for your Mongrol aswell!" - Jon Wilks Beyond - 07/01/2008 Report Violation
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