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Customized by: Metal Zi: Hobbicidal Bastard (Contact)
made for each other
Added: June 15, 2008 (2014 Page Views)
meet Miyu Chiba and Jack Assassin.

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"Exceptionally cool! I'd, of course, like to see more of Miyu as well... Haven't seen anything about the Master Assassin kit yet, but looks like quite a bit of personality." - Robert Magnusson - 06/16/2008 Report Violation
"thanks, Nick and Nick.L :D you guys won't be disappointed by how well armed this kit is. ;)" - metal Zi - 06/15/2008 Report Violation
" Master assasin kit?! Oh how cool is that! Awesome work as usual Zi :)" - Nick.L - 06/15/2008 Report Violation
"Would that be Jack Assassin made out of the new Stikfas Master Assassin Kit? Just posted about the first Master Assassin kit being customized over on Stikfas.com. Good work Zi :)" - Nick - 06/15/2008 Report Violation
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