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Customized by: Matthew T. McHenry (Contact)
Brodie in his skivvies
Added: May 29, 2008 (1953 Page Views)
This is Brodie Aaron. He was once a science teacher in Liverpool, England, but one fateful day his wife and daughter were killed by a burglar and he just snapped. He quit his job and became an alcoholic. During one of his drunken journeys to his favorite tavern, The Broken Barrel, he met a man who would change his life forever. This man, named Morwin, made him into an indestructible killing machine. But the sight of his body after the operation was too much for Brodie and he lost what little sanity he had. He ran from the facility, where he lived like a savage for a week. Morwin finally was able to find him and convince him to work with the Third Reich as a gun for hire. He was given a mask and proper clothing to hide his symmetrical scars and became a completely different person under the mask. Without his mask, however, he became a rage driven savage and would kill anyone in his way of hiding his physical deformity.

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"I have a huge story written for this (it could use more work still) and I just copied this from my deviant art pictures and this one happened to be longer since this is what he looks like first and then the other picture." - Matthew T. McHenry - 05/29/2008 Report Violation
"it's great that you added more backstory.. :D" - cookie crunch - 05/29/2008 Report Violation
"Yay originals!" - Kelly Wilson(kel7alpha) - 05/29/2008 Report Violation
"That's a great back story you have put together there, and the customs are pretty sharp. Nice technique." - Heath Freeman - 05/29/2008 Report Violation
"I actually carved those scars with a thumbtac and then used a thin red sharpie to fill the incisions." - Matthew T. McHenry - 05/29/2008 Report Violation
"you got a steady hand! ;)" - cookie crunch - 05/29/2008 Report Violation
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