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Customized by: Eric Henshaw (Contact)
Bayan-Tal Sparr
Added: May 18, 2008 (2965 Page Views)

Yep, I'm back, at least for a little while. I've got about 10 new customs on the go right now, but unfortunately they are on hold for a little while. You see, 2 weeks ago I fell 8 feet when a ladder slipped out from underneath me and I ended up breaking my wrist. What does this mean? It means that I'm so pathetically weak that I can't even open a jar of paint let alone hold anything to paint. So unfortunately we'll all have to wait for me to heal. By the way Kel, I've also got other non-star wars stuff too, just for you;)  

Jedi knight and former padawan to master Kwill, Bayan-Tal focuses mainly on lightsaber forms rather than force abilities. His modified clone armour was given to him by Kwill as a token of friendship and because of his unfailing willingness to adapt and learn without question. The armour, which belonged to master Kwill's close friend Commander Gunn during the clone wars, helps to confuse his opponents and throw them off balance. After order 66, Kwill was forced to kill Cmdr. Gunn and has kept it since the incident. Now, 300 years later, Bayan-Tal wears it with pride as he continues as he continues his training in order to become a master. Over the past several years he has also been studying the life of the once great master, Obi-wan Kenobi. 

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"yep, dome walker. good eyes, as always Zook." - Eric Henshaw - 05/19/2008 Report Violation
"Great forearms. They work well. From the Dome Walker I assume? " - Zook - 05/19/2008 Report Violation
"why do you apologise for such an awesome custom? :D" - juno - 05/19/2008 Report Violation
"Very nice Mr. Henshaw. Welcome back. I was just thinking the other day how I missed your custom work. This is a fantastic piece." - Joseph McCauley - 05/19/2008 Report Violation
"Let me get this straight, all this time gone and you come back with Star Wars customs? Geez what the world coming too :-p They look great as ever btw :-D" - Kelly Wilson(kel7alpha) - 05/19/2008 Report Violation
"another awsome custom dude" - Jake chisholme(Atomica08) - 05/19/2008 Report Violation
"Ha Ha! Nice to see you back E.H.!" - Phil Ashby - 05/19/2008 Report Violation
"Something with white helmets reminds me of stormtroopers." - Meades Lemicah - 05/19/2008 Report Violation
"Same also... no need for words." - boyette - 05/18/2008 Report Violation
"Same with this one, sorry, just a photo." - Eric Henshaw - 05/18/2008 Report Violation
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