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Customized by: Joseph McCauley (Contact)
R.I.P.  Subject 2
Added: April 29, 2008 (2260 Page Views)

The Recycled Infantry Program was the brainchild of Professor Bryson Edwards. The program took "volunteers" that had expired or were "damaged" beyond repair and merged them with technology to create ghoulish soldiers that could take a pounding and still complete their objectives. The Dept. of Defense was appalled at the test subject that the professor presented at the funding symposium and ordered that the project be halted and the professor be eliminated. A wetworks team destroyed the lab and executed the professor, leaving little but traces of the lab behind. Everyone with knowledge of the project was pleased and relieved that the program was dead and buried until...


Subject 2 was sighted roaming the cemeteries near the professors lab, unearthing caskets and removing the rotting corpses of the town's dead. When confronted by police, he reacted violently and killed 4 officers, all the while taking more gunshots than any mortal man could withstand. Survivors seemed to recognize enough of what was left of the face to place the Subject as Riley Jenkins, a violent criminal thought to have escaped prison several years ago. Seems the professor had another test subject other than the one shown to the government... or maybe he is still continuing his work from beyond the grave. 

More: http://s21.photobucket.com/albums/b299/ProfSkull/S...

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