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Customized by: boyette (Contact)
Added: April 29, 2008 (2270 Page Views)
A quick bash, and a quick pose, before customization.
I'm still deliberating whether this figure will be my samurai's nemesis or a jedi (probably a young obi wan). 
Anyway just wanted to share it coz I iked the photo and to get ideas from you guys.

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"General Grievous? ... DANG! Excellent idea mate. " - boyette - 05/07/2008 Report Violation
"how about general grievous?" - metal Zi - 05/07/2008 Report Violation
"With the thin thigh & forearm, I'm thinking of a more stylized/exagerated aproach (similar to the animated version). Regarding the SSS Challenge, yes I did join, no winners yet. They moved the deadline to May 8." - boyette - 05/05/2008 Report Violation
"obi wan sure likes to keep his thighs in shape. :D joking aside, i can't wait to see what comes out of this. BTW, did you join the Stifas Stikfun Stikfan challenge? anybody win yet?" - miko tizon (Mr. Draw-On Abs) - 05/03/2008 Report Violation
"Great photo!" - Zook - 05/01/2008 Report Violation
"Nice pose ^_^ I vote for Samurai's Nemesis....and i don't know why" - Meades Lemicah - 04/29/2008 Report Violation
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