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Customized by: Sam (Contact)
Unit 01: Angel-X
Added: April 7, 2008 (2105 Page Views)

Transmission No: U046

Classification: For your eyes only.

Codename: Angel-X

Last sighting: 200km south of Trinity Headquarters

Offensive Capabilities: Unknown, assumed to be equal/ superior to the Units

Defensive Capabilities: Observed to have dodged PC-class coil AA batteries.

Threat Assessment: Despite the Red Unicorn insignia and white appearance, Angel-X is confirmed to be the rumoured Unit 01 of "The Black Rose Project". Safe to assume X to be hostile and having abilities akin to the Units.

Instructions: Seek, Destroy, Recover.All other priorities secondary. Unicorns to engage and destroy target on sight. Body to be recovered to Headquarters for analysis.

End Transmission

Personal Notes: This custom is inspired by 2 of my favourite anime, N.G. Evangelion and Claymore (where the demon hunters keep their claymores in the centre behind their backs). For Angel-X, I gave her a special feature of moving body armour (picture insets) so that she can still bend her body despite the design of the armour. White wings from Gundam, Grey Stabilizers from Delta Boy Skis. Hope u guys like this custom. 

On-going: Swirving hinge for Shadow Razer; Re-design of Unit 06 Scourge.

Update: touched up on the paint and changed arms to white for better colour co-ordination. Added pics (080408)

More: http://s34.photobucket.com/albums/d112/13lack_12os...

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"Ten and Faved" - Phil Ashby - 05/04/2008 Report Violation
"Thanks for the tens and niners guys. ^^. Did not add the shoulder pads cuz I haven any T.T. I'll keep that in mind. The helmet's the violet hair for her actually =P. Thanks for the suggestion. I've change the arms to white ones. It looks better now too." - Sam - 04/08/2008 Report Violation
"Definatly captured an Anime look. Good job." - Shadow Master - 04/07/2008 Report Violation
"Very cool - I like it a lot!" - Phil Ashby - 04/07/2008 Report Violation
"Very nice. I like the idea. Though helmet color doesn't match the overall white theme. Also maybe adding the shoulder pads from the beta female with dragon would be a nice touch too." - Meades Lemicah - 04/07/2008 Report Violation
"Kick ass man. 10'd and faved." - Nick.L - 04/07/2008 Report Violation
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