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Customized by: noli coronado (Contact)
code name: snake eyes
Added: April 4, 2008 (2988 Page Views)

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"MASTER!!!!!!!!!!" - Juan Carlo - 05/11/2008 Report Violation
"if this keeps up, every custom you make will be on my favorites. :D" - miko tizon (Mr. Draw-On Abs) - 05/03/2008 Report Violation
"WOW! Nice one. Very clean work mate." - boyette - 04/07/2008 Report Violation
"Excellent job." - Phil Ashby - 04/07/2008 Report Violation
"Fantastic. That visor detail is outstanding. Super Sculpting for sure. Keep 'em coming." - Heath Freeman - 04/05/2008 Report Violation
"Beautifull, see Don , flat black can look great :) You can allways tell a custom that isnt brushed on, great job. " - Hemish Dekker - 04/05/2008 Report Violation
"thanks thanks guys,yup im new..this is my second post..its just flat black can spray...the visor,grenades,etc are epoxy " - noli coronado - 04/04/2008 Report Violation
"The colour and tone is superb as are the visors and detailing! And yes the water canteen is now a holstered pistol on the right thigh! =)" - Sam - 04/04/2008 Report Violation
"Another awesome custom! Very clean and detailed work!" - Brian Spradlin - 04/04/2008 Report Violation
"That is some extreme craftmanship! Well done!" - Eric Henshaw - 04/04/2008 Report Violation
"Very nice work... hey are you a new guy... look everyone, we are being nice to a new guy. ;) All kidding aside, you have done excellent work and captured the essence of Snake Eyes very well. Look forward to seeing more in the future." - Joseph McCauley - 04/04/2008 Report Violation
"smooth" - Marty - 04/04/2008 Report Violation
"Wow. That's nice. Uber simple and it works. Grenades almost look like they're from Brickarms. Great work all around." - Zook - 04/04/2008 Report Violation
"nice work " - FETT1969 - 04/04/2008 Report Violation
"Sweet!! What did you use for the grenades?" - Donald Vandervoort - 04/04/2008 Report Violation
"Nice color tone. What color is that? Or that's black with some sort of lighting? I did a similar thing with the blade color on my ninja knife ^_^" - Meades Lemicah - 04/04/2008 Report Violation
"tnx bro .. :) " - noli coronado - 04/04/2008 Report Violation
"Wow... amazing... :)" - Larry Greyczik. - 04/04/2008 Report Violation
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