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Customized by: Joseph McCauley (Contact)
Added: February 29, 2008 (2983 Page Views)
A custom that I have had in the planning stages for quiet a while now. I picture this as an older (and a little naughtier) Red Riding Hood. She is now a werewolf hunter, tracking down the creatures that terrorized her grandmother. The weapons are not finished and will likely not be the final selection for weapons. I am going to do a woodsman and a couple werewolves too. Red may get a couple of tweaks too, but the end of the month hastened her completion.

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"i think what sold me was the fishnets dude. :)" - miko tizon (Mr. Draw-On Abs) - 05/03/2008 Report Violation
"i like her. fave'd!" - miko tizon (Mr. Draw-On Abs) - 05/03/2008 Report Violation
"I still really like this custom. You should finish her and put it back up for votes. Guaranteed 10 here." - El Disturbo - 04/30/2008 Report Violation
"This is great - A hypothetical 10. :D" - Phil Ashby - 04/07/2008 Report Violation
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