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Customized by: Nick.L (Contact)
Added: December 30, 2007 (2992 Page Views)

 So here he finally is! This was literally the second Stikfas I started making, straight after Lan Di way back in ...whenever it was. I stopped working on him after I realised that the sculpting material I was using wasn't so good so went and invested in some Epoxy which I really don't regret doing.

 I can reveal now that both Kakashi and Zero Suit Samus were created in preperation for this guy. Starting over on him wasn't so fun :P

 He's from Final Fantasy VIII as one of a pair. I'll be making his younger (yet much bigger) brother in the future some time (far, far in the future :P). Here's more info on The Brothers: http://finalfantasy.wikia.com/wiki/Brothers

 If you're wondering what I used to create Minotaur it was the following:

 Head + all of lower body - K9
 Torso - Alpha Male
 Upper Arms - Beta thighs
 Lower Arms - G2 Alpha lower arms
 Tail - Indian Short Bow
 And a hell of alot of Epoxy! The horns also had twisted paperclips to work as a frame and the K9's muzzle was sawn down to match the proportions.

 More images of him at: http://s240.photobucket.com/albums/ff2/Slothboy3000/Stikfas/ 

 I'll make his Mace soon. Hope you all like :)

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" Yeah sorry for not being online in ages. All sorts of things have been happening in my life lately so I haven't had time. I'll still be posting customs here though! :)" - Nick.L - 07/31/2008 Report Violation
"will you be posting customs soon? Cause you do great stuff" - sirus - 07/30/2008 Report Violation
" Thanks alot! :D I got some culpey the other day which is way faster to work with than green stuff, so the custom I started around christmas time (!) should be making progress soon. :D" - Nick.L - 05/22/2008 Report Violation
"nice Minotaur dude!" - rex gamick - 05/21/2008 Report Violation
" Thanks man! :D" - Nick.L - 04/03/2008 Report Violation
"Great work Nick! Glad to see your Minotaur is finally up. The shoulder guard and head are excellent so is the paintjob! 10'd =)" - Sam - 04/02/2008 Report Violation
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