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Customized by: Zook (Contact)
B.A.T. 3000 Elite
Added: November 21, 2007 (2503 Page Views)

Keith (ShadowMaster) was kind enough to bash up a clone of this bash so I slopped some more paint on it.  A little more spartan a paint job than the previoius, but I really wanted Keith's bash to shine through...

The B.A.T. 3000 Elite was created to fill the need of a disposable field commander.  Built on the same frame as the Standard B.A.T., Elites receive system upgrades which improve speed & dexterity as well as a full software upgrade and new command harness.

The new Elite Command Harness (ECH) and Elite Software Package ESP) allow the Elite to automatically “draw” the nearest dozen B.A.T.s to itself to provide unprecedented, focused firepower while providing the Elite with increased “armor”, (effectively using the other B.A.T.s as shields).  Each time a B.A.T. becomes inoperable it is “kicked” from the formation, the next nearest B.A.T. to the formation replaces it.  If the Elite comes under direct, heavy fire from enemy forces (as they often do), this formation can be increased four fold to provide the Elite with direct control over the firepower of each of the units in his formation sending a volley of death towards its attacker.


Also, while linked in formation, each B.A.T. is tapped directly into the Elites ECH.  Each B.A.T.s sensor array information is transferred directly to the Elite providing a tremendous amount of battlefield information.  Simultaneously, the Elite is able to feed specific directions to each member of its formation.


More: http://www.flickr.com/photos/zook360/2053323709/

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