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Customized by: Nick (Contact)
Added: August 28, 2007 (2633 Page Views)

For as long as there has been Century City there has been an X guarding it, an extreme Angel preying on the criminal gangs dispensing there own brand of justice, a dark phantom that never seems to die.

Armed with an ancient double handed sword and automatic pistol, he is clothed in flexible plate armor and Kevlar robe. The current X is a warrior for a new darker millennium. An encounter with the Scarlet Archer turned deadly over there differing senses of Justice. During the fight X fell from Century Tower and was with seriously injured and his left arm was amputated. X was then seen months later after the bloody massacre of the Jones Gang He was pictured with a cybernetic arm and, it is unknown if any other part of his body been augmented.

X and the Scarlet Archers paths are yet to cross again...

Would you believe that X started out as a Captain America custom? Well, that was my intention when I sat down with my Stikfas bitz last Saturday. I had planned to use the spare Omega body I had to show the power of the Cap. Then... X sort of happened...

X's base is an omega body, with an Alpha Male torso. The sword is from the phantom kit and the pistol is from the Assault Team. The helmet is from the Superhero set, and I added a belt from an Omega Knight, and a shuriken from the Ninja Duel set.

The cybernetic arm was a fun little item to bash. I used the upper leg from a G2 alpha male, and a suspension strut from a Dune Buggy. The hand is an Omega Knight gauntlet.

The plated armor was sculpted on using Green Stuff and to finish it off I usd a Phantom robe.

I used a limited Citadel Color Paints pallet to paint X, the colors I used were Chaos Black, Codex Grey, Chainmail and Mithril Silver.

This is my second Stikfas Bash in two weeks now, I honestly did start off with the idea to make Captain America, and ended up with a dark rival for the Scarlet Archer.  I don't see X as a Villain, more of a Punisher style figure in his view of Justice. A view that would bring conflict with the Archer.

Now I really do need to think about a rogues gallery to fill Century City. I just hope I get the time.
Domo arigato,
Nick Davis




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"where can i get "green stuff"? " - sirus - 07/15/2008 Report Violation
"Nice work. Black & silver always look good together." - Zook - 09/25/2007 Report Violation
"i'd pick him over captain america any day." - your mom - 09/07/2007 Report Violation
"I like how the silver and black blend together with the sculpt. The use of the villian helm under the cloak is new to me too! nicely done!" - Sam - 08/29/2007 Report Violation
"WOW!! He turned out great & loving the back story too. Can't wait to see & read more. " - Jeana - 08/28/2007 Report Violation
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