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Customized by: Ben (Contact)
Stiker Custom
Added: August 23, 2007 (2100 Page Views)
After making my entry for the StikShop contest, I realized how much fun simple stiker customs can be. I call this guy “The Red Mask”. The name is totally creative and original, I know.

More: http://s53.photobucket.com/albums/g52/the_supreme_...

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"I use super glue too. But the pre hasbro stikers are quite flat and looks better. ^^" - Sam - 08/24/2007 Report Violation
"I super glue them whenever I put them on." - Shadow Master - 08/23/2007 Report Violation
"yeah the stikers are made to come off eventually, so what i do is put them on then when they start to come off i super glue them down." - Ben - 08/23/2007 Report Violation
"The only qualm I have about the stikers is that they are a lil too thick and thus tend to peel off after time. The stikers from the pre-hasbro military are the best imho." - Sam - 08/23/2007 Report Violation
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