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Customized by: Nick (Contact)
The Scarlet Archer
Added: August 20, 2007 (3706 Page Views)

The Scarlet Archer fights crime on the grim streets of Century City, blessed with an unnatural accuracy and speed. Essentially, she can turn any object, however small, into a precisely-aimed deadly projectile. This ability extends to a seemingly superhuman-effectiveness with firearms and bow weapons.

The Scarlet Archer's weapon of choice is her composite bow, and she is equipped with several different types of arrows and head. From conventional to explosive heads, including a special status arrow that slows down time in a limited effective area.  She is also a skilled hand-to-hand fighter, combing several different styles into a unique form of unarmed combat. With or without a bow this Lady is one effective crime fighter.

I'm not to sure where this custom came from, I started out bashing with a few of the Dark Samura bitz and had this idea to do something with a spare Alpha Male body I had laying around. Then from out of nowhere I found a Beta Female Body, and the bitz and the idea for the Scarlet Archer came together fairly quickly after that.

The Bow is from the Egyptian Stikfas kit, and the arrows are from the Dark Samurai kit. I think the shades are from the either the Outdoor Adventurer or the Safari Girl. I finished off the bash using Green Stuff to sculpt the hair and the body armor/costume.

I painted The Scarlet Archer with Citadel Paints - Chaos Black, Scab Red, Red  Gore, Terracoata, Chestnut Brown Ink, Codex Grey, Snakebite Leather and Bleach Bone (although not in that order).

I don't get that much time to bash Stikfas customs, but I'm really happy how this custom turned out, I really like the hair and I think the tribal tattoo on her arm really brings The Scarlet Archer together. Now I think this Heroine needs a Villain to take on.

Guess I gotta find some more time from somewhere!!!
Domo arigato,

Nick Davis



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