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Customized by: Tim Brown (Contact)
Another Reaver
Added: August 15, 2007 (1974 Page Views)
"Doug" here likes pain.  He doesn't mind receiving pain, but he really enjoys dishing it out.  One day, while looking to deliver some pain and then have a snack, one of the knuckle-headed rookie Reavers (probably Bob) shoved Doug a little too close to their ship's uncontained reactor, leaving him with some nasty radiation burns.  If he ever actually spoke, he would tell you that his weapon is known as "the can opener".  You don't want to know why.

More: http://s170.photobucket.com/albums/u272/B72photos/...

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"oh no i hate emo people" - xlasher - 06/22/2009 Report Violation
"can u get a pic of the "can opener"in action?" - 08/17/2007 Report Violation
"Reavers are sweet. Love the paint apps on both and the custom weapons." - Shadow Master - 08/17/2007 Report Violation
"Superb paint job on the skin!" - Phil Ashby - 08/17/2007 Report Violation
"That burn wound is amazing!" - Mykell Brown - 08/15/2007 Report Violation
"another cool custom! :)" - Donald Vandervoort - 08/15/2007 Report Violation
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