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Customized by: Nic (Contact)
Alien Soldier
Added: August 2, 2007 (1978 Page Views)
The explorer also managed to capture on of these. It came into the ship without struggling, and seemed glad to leave. These alien creature seem to be the dominant race on this planet, but their lives were ruined by war when the robot forces came to their planet. This is one of the many soldiers fighting on the planet right now. It's main weapon is a spear-like device with a head of the same metal as the robot axes. It's armor is very strong and can somewhat resist the robot's axe, and is a yellow color
This one is just a simple omega with villian stuff on it and a spear from the monk. I didn't want to make a cliche green alien, so I made it black. I made the armor yellow simply because black and yellow is the best color combo in the world :P. Hope you guys like it as much as I do!

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"Thanks, I will try layering the yellow next time. I don't have any primer." - Nic - 08/04/2007 Report Violation
"anonymous guy's reccomendations: use several even, thin layers of paint for a smoother and more solid look. the black si fine, but I know, yellow is hard to work with. make sure you use white primer before putting on yellow! nice notched blade, too" - 08/03/2007 Report Violation
"Like your custuoms!" - 08/03/2007 Report Violation
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