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Customized by: Phil Ashby (Contact)
Metaluna Mutant
Added: July 22, 2007 (2666 Page Views)

From the 1955 Sci-Fi classic 'This Island Earth' - the Metaluna Mutant

For those not in the know: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/This_Island_Earth

More pics and how he came about below.



More: http://s44.photobucket.com/albums/f49/Philly73/Met...

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"How did I miss this one? Amazing detail, great concept!" - SeraphimZeta - 09/10/2007 Report Violation
"Love the amount of detail!" - Dan Slutz - 09/03/2007 Report Violation
"Thanks for the tip, your mom. New link added - CFBL is under consideration, I wanted to use the baseball glove for hands, but theyre both 'rightys'..." - Phil Ashby - 08/20/2007 Report Violation
"great stuff, i'd love to see your version of 'creature from the black lagoon'- (btw i think you wiki link went missing)" - your mom - 08/18/2007 Report Violation
"What kind of sh*t-hole custom is this? Seriously this is very well done but I will always associate him to MST3K." - El Disturbo - 07/28/2007 Report Violation
" Ho-lee! Never thought anyone would make the mutant! Very nice, I've always loved it's design and you've done a perfect job with the likeness. 10'd and faved!" - Nick.L - 07/24/2007 Report Violation
"He's fantastic :) I love the veins!" - Misty Jedi - 07/23/2007 Report Violation
"Self-cleaning mutant! Seriously, amazing sculpting." - Mykell Brown - 07/22/2007 Report Violation
"that is AWSOME "10"" - FETT1969 - 07/22/2007 Report Violation
"You're becoming the sculpting king !!! Great work all round, thats real slick!" - Hemish Dekker - 07/22/2007 Report Violation
"Oh, man! That is flippin' sweet! I'm typically not all that fond of heavily sculpted Stiks, but this is phenomenal! Awesome work, Phil!" - Zook - 07/22/2007 Report Violation
"Awesome! Big-head, bug-eyed space aliens rock!" - Mark Harris - 07/22/2007 Report Violation
"Holy Crap! That's freakin' sweet. Love your work." - Shadow Master - 07/22/2007 Report Violation
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