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Customized by: Mykell Brown (Contact)
Melchiah - The Betrayer
Added: July 21, 2007 (2463 Page Views)
Built using the technology of a race that lives through time backwards, and birthed under the top secret title of PROJECT ENDTIMES with the sole purpose of universal devestation, Melchiah has since overridden his destructive programming, coming to understand the difference between right and wrong.

Melchiah is the 2nd character from my on-going RPG (Ghost being the first). He is built from parts of nearly every primary kit, and the feet were stolen from a xevoz. The spikes were from the Knight kit's spiked mace (multiple!), which I trimmed off, filed, and individually glued into place. The only part of him that cannot move is the tail. The twin swords Sorrow and Despair are both flied monk tai chi swords, and the black samuri blade, Betrayal, is slightly modified as well. Backpack and hair is all clay. His wings are what I'm most proud of - They actually completely fold up as the characters would. The cloth is just an old tee shirt. The 'bones' are the main structure of the dragon wings with parts added as necessary. The nameplate base is only there due to me wanting to display all three swords. Melchiah, in game, has mastered a battle style that utilizes three blades, almost sort of juggling at least one of them at all times. It looks a lot cooler than it sounds (at least in my head). I started this figure way back in December, and finally decided to just buckle down and get to it this past week. Out of everything I've done, I think he's the one I'm the most proud of, due to personaly attachment to the character. Enjoy!

More: http://s110.photobucket.com/albums/n81/SpookyMykel...

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"hey um i dont know if u have ever seen the anime show s-cry-ed but the main character would perfect for a custom but please no one steel this except for mykell brown" - xlasher - 06/18/2009 Report Violation
"cool as heck" - xlasher - 06/18/2009 Report Violation
"loads of effort here - nice job!" - Phil Ashby - 07/29/2007 Report Violation
"looks great grandpa and grandma" - 07/26/2007 Report Violation
"You rock! You should do this full time! You have such a creative mind." - 07/22/2007 Report Violation
"Looks good. Very lovecraftian." - Mark Harris - 07/22/2007 Report Violation
"I like those wings a lot. cool custom." - Brian P (tat2artst) - 07/22/2007 Report Violation
"That is one crazy custom. Great job." - Shadow Master - 07/21/2007 Report Violation
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