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Customized by: Sam (Contact)
Arm Mechanics
Added: July 13, 2007 (2149 Page Views)

Making a "Damper Arm". 

Things u need:

1 X H-Tube, 1 X arm bracer, 1 X weapon handle, 1 X small spring (found on pen)


1. Cut H-Tube in 2, longer end being the upper H-Tube.

2. File the 2 halves. Use sandpaper to reduce the diameter of the upper H-Tube.

3. Make a small indent on the upper H-tube and stick a shortened weapon handle into the indent. Attached spring to it. Stick with super-glue. (spring should be 2-3 mm longer than the handle).

4. Stick the other end of the spring to the lower H-tube.

5. Attached the arm bracer like u normally would.

6. "Damper Arms" complete. You should be able to compress the H-Tube by 2-3mm if you do it right. The arm bracer acts as a cover for the arm.

Feel free to post any questions.

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Visitor Comments: (newest first)
"Thx Nick! The pen spring idea came about just when I was smoking =P" - Sam - 07/14/2007 Report Violation
" Thats great Sam! I love the addition of the pen spring, I would never have thought of that!" - Nick.L - 07/14/2007 Report Violation
"oh, gotcha." - Lazar Janus - 07/13/2007 Report Violation
"lol, u can see it that way ^^. But its more of a mechanism to handle the recoil from the rifle (fiction-wise) and to prevent over-exertion on all the 5 joints on the cybernetics arm (that's the real purpose of the spring) ^^" - Sam - 07/13/2007 Report Violation
"it's like a spring loaded boxing glove from looney toon's, right? just, it's a normal fist instead of a boxing glove" - Lazar Janus - 07/13/2007 Report Violation
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