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Customized by: Sam (Contact)
Armistice, Unicorns Heavy Gunner
Added: July 11, 2007 (3035 Page Views)

Armistice, Unicorns Heavy Gunner

Having lost his left arm in a hapless battle with M.C Mike, 2nd Lt Audi was selected for the government's 1st cybernetics program.

Whilst nowhere as advanced as the Units, it was still a blessing in disguised. 2nd Lt Audi was fitted with a robotic arm and issued with the all-new H.A.P.S (Heavy Assault Pack System). He chose to install a Missile Pod and the experimental MG-190 "Peace Maker" Coil Rifle as his primary armaments.

His cybernetic arm is capable of absorbing the immense recoil from the "Peace Maker" thanks to the engineering within. The arm is also capable of exerting strength equalling to that of the Units.

Now known as Armistice, he will continue his mission with The Unicorns to shut down the "Black Rose Program". Go Go Armistice!


1. Re-sculpted Omega T-bolt for aesthetics and accomodation of Cybernetics Arm.

2. Cybernetics Arm has 5 points of articulation (3 for alphas). H-tube (lower arm) modified to allow compression. Parts used- Skeleton arm to replace body joint, mechana finger for socket, alpha thigh for upper arm, G2 big Q-ball, alpha H-Tube for modification and arm bracer for cover.

3. "Peace Maker" weapon able to be held as shown or folded up as sniper rifle with the red targeting sight at left eye. Can be kept behind backpack.

4. Backpack made from Alpha T-bolt cut in half

More: http://s34.photobucket.com/albums/d112/13lack_12os...

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"Thanks Zook for your flattering comments again ^^. I'd wish to paint as food as u though, really." - Sam - 08/22/2007 Report Violation
"This is such a great custom. Great build. Great colors. " - Zook - 08/06/2007 Report Violation
"It feels really good to be appreciated. Will make more customs once I get restocked (left with little now). And yes, if you guys want a comic version of my customs as wallpaper please feel free to contact me. " - Sam - 07/12/2007 Report Violation
"beautiful. absolutely beautiful." - Lazar Janus - 07/11/2007 Report Violation
" Awesome! He looks great painted. :)" - Nick.L - 07/11/2007 Report Violation
"I really like this one! Nice work!" - Brian Spradlin - 07/11/2007 Report Violation
"Very nice. Great colors." - Zook - 07/11/2007 Report Violation
"Slick!" - Mark Harris - 07/11/2007 Report Violation
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