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Customized by: Sam (Contact)
Lt. Cross, Leader of The Unicorns
Added: July 7, 2007 (2368 Page Views)

The Unicorns is a small team of elite army personnels charged with the mission to terminate the "Black Rose Program" and bringing down the organisation. 

Unlike their cyborg Unit adversaries, The Unicorns rely on conventional weaponry, exo-skeletal armour and limited cybernetic enhancements for combat (in)effectiveness. Despite the uneven odds, The Unicorns are ever vigilante in restoring peace.

Seen here is Lt. Cross, leader of The Unicorns. Fearless and tactical, he is also an expert in conventional firearms. It was rumoured that Sammy and Cross were once friends. 


1. Shoulder Armour is made from spaceman kit bracers. Snap on and removable for added poseability and playability.
2. Respirator Unit made from Mechana fingertip. Pipe from a counter pen.
3. I thought that using a Spaceman Dome is kinda cliche so it is now replaced with a "lucky bullet hole" helmet to show Cross' close encounter with death (added personality)
4. A wig is currently in the making. (Thanks Nick L ^^)
5. Leg Holster made with a Supervillian eyeband and a Gundam joint.
6. Modded Leg Armour for easy removal without having to remove the leg. (I just hate the QC of recent kits).

Update: Added photo album together with new look and accessories overview.

More: http://s34.photobucket.com/albums/d112/13lack_12os...

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"Another great custom, man. I rewally love how you're doing the shoulder armor. Cool stuff." - Zook - 07/08/2007 Report Violation
"Argh, I'd love to but stock is gettin real low ^^". And yeah, ima just gonna remove that dome and give him some funky hairdo. There's a respirator (made from mechana fingertips) inside which is not very visible with that glare on the dome." - Sam - 07/07/2007 Report Violation
"sweetness. keep popping customs like these out man." - Lazar Janus - 07/07/2007 Report Violation
"Thx Nick. The numbers are decals which you can get from hobby stores. They were meant for Gundams :P. I might remove the dome though, trying to sculpt a wig for him. Yes, the hair's for him ^^" - 07/07/2007 Report Violation
" Very cool, I like the combination of the helmet and the big armour. Where do you get the nifty numbers from by the way?" - Nick.L - 07/07/2007 Report Violation
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