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Customized by: Nick.L (Contact)
 Zero Suit Samus
Added: July 6, 2007 (3311 Page Views)

 My first Beta custom. I've had the body lying around for ages and decided to finally get some paints and upload it. (I have another custom in the works that should be uploaded fairly soon).

 Anyway! Samus Aran; intergalactic bounty hunter from the Metroid series of video games. This is how she appears at the end of Metroid Prime 2: Echoes and the upcoming Super Smash Bros Brawl on the Wii.

 Also the first face I've actually painted on instead of use the stickers. I think I'll be painting them on in future!

 Epoxy sculpting on the hair, gun, heels and other parts of the body  :P

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" Certainly is! The epoxy was an ass to work with." - Nick.L - 06/22/2009 Report Violation
"the hairs to big " - xlasher - 06/22/2009 Report Violation
"Thanks man :)" - Nick.L - 02/19/2009 Report Violation
"NICE CREATION LOVE IT!" - Robbie M. - 08/23/2008 Report Violation
" Haha! Thanks dude. ^^" - Nick.L - 10/25/2007 Report Violation
"looking at it a second time makes me wish i had a bounty on my head but the participant hunters must be: female, hot, and named: samus. ten mate. ten." - miko tizon - 10/18/2007 Report Violation
"Thanks! In other news I have two stikfas in the works, both of which are pretty much near completion (the one I've been working on and off for over a year!)" - Nick.L - 10/05/2007 Report Violation
"the detail is so precise! i love the face! nice job mate! a perfect ten!" - 10/04/2007 Report Violation
"Thanks!" - Nick.L - 08/31/2007 Report Violation
"The piant job on this custom is incredible!" - Phil Ashby - 08/31/2007 Report Violation
" Thanks!" - Nick.L - 07/10/2007 Report Violation
"Good likeness of a cool character( I can't wait for brawl!) ker-10!" - 07/10/2007 Report Violation
"...So you've said everywhere else you spammer, you! :P" - Nick.L - 07/09/2007 Report Violation
"Huzzah! Thanks alot. :D" - Nick.L - 07/07/2007 Report Violation
"Nicely sculpted boobs and a kickarse paint job 10'D!!!" - Hemish Dekker - 07/07/2007 Report Violation
" Thanks! ^^" - Nick.L - 07/06/2007 Report Violation
"Great work, Nick! " - Zook - 07/06/2007 Report Violation
" Hehe, thanks! :)" - Nick.L - 07/06/2007 Report Violation
"Very nice work. She would look good in my collection. ;D" - Shadow Master - 07/06/2007 Report Violation
" Thanks alot!" - Nick.L - 07/06/2007 Report Violation
"Very expressive face and a HOT body! Paint Job too! For doing something that I can't achieve, this gonna get a 10." - Sam - 07/06/2007 Report Violation
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