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Customized by: Larry Greyczik. (Contact)
Added: July 3, 2007 (2161 Page Views)

This piece is unfinished because I might be giving it away at SDCC. To somebody that may want it, to do something with it. I'd do something with it... but don't want to right now. I also have a lot on my plate.

This piece was Dremeled up, taking about two hours.

Looks pretty good, if you want a round Cuboyd.

Larry... OUT!!! 


More: http://smg.photobucket.com/albums/v185/Greyzone/?

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"Mokujin from Tekken lol, someone should make Tekken Stikfas" - Kethmet - 08/22/2007 Report Violation
" Mokujin. Now there's an idea. Nice cilindrical custom, too :P" - Nick.L - 07/04/2007 Report Violation
"Trust you to do that :-) Looks cool - Reminds me of a Shockini.." - Phil Ashby - 07/04/2007 Report Violation
"if it was brown it would look like Mokujin from Tekken" - 07/03/2007 Report Violation
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