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Customized by: SeraphimZeta (Contact)
General Utig
Added: July 2, 2007 (2007 Page Views)
General Utig

The Illuminated Frontier Figurine Damios was created by the Elegen as a means to further explore the planet, interact with the giant natives, and most importantly to find an new source of Rakolios for the Darren Cityship.  The Damios was to house a military contingent, a sience team, and governing agents and diplomats.  The piloting system would be similar to that of the Rakos, in that genetically engineered pilots would bond with the machine.  The Damios, however, was also equipped with a manual control option.

On the Damios's maiden voyage, a rebel faction executed a well-planned mutany led by the military leader General Utig.  The pilots were assassinated by Utig himself, and the others were either convinced to join the rebellion or disposed of.  Using the manual controlset and with Utig acting as the "voice" of the machine, the crew integrated into the new society as a soldier-for-hire.

This eventually caught the attention of Mr. Want, who offered General Utig a proposition.  Want would use his techniques fuse the General to the Damios in a fashion similar as the pilots were as well as offer aid to assist the rebellion in Darren Cityship.  In return, Utig and his men would serve want as an enforcer and scouts, and upon the "freeing" of Darren would share the secrets of the Rakolios dimensional technologies.

Since the agreement, the General and his forces have killed hundreds and assisted in the enslavement of thousands.  However, over 12,000 Elegen rebels have been freed from Darren Cityship and now training to assist in the rebellion.  So that would really make Utig a hero, right?  Right?

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