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Customized by: Lazar Janus (Contact)
Sir Moustach
Added: June 28, 2007 (2073 Page Views)

Sir Moustach is a night of very different circumstances. At one time he was a Viking, but  suffered a head trauma and began to think he was a night of jolly old England. When he showed up in a Kings court, he proved himself and was knighted properly as Sir Moustach of England, the Knight with the ferocity of a Barbarian and the class of a Knight.


I made him from the Gamma Viking and the Omega Knight. Got the idea from another custom. i mainly did this because i lost a few parts from the omega Knight, including the head and the cool helmet, so i decided to fuse the two. also, the other shin guard from the viking got eaten by my dog.....t'was the first time i got angry at that dog.....

More: http://s130.photobucket.com/albums/p261/ero_sanin/...

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"Gumdam markers are good for a start if you want to paint/ drybrush since they are not as thick as acrylics and u can remove the colour with alcohol or their special panelling marker. And be shure to buff the surface with sandpaper, makes painting better" - Sam - 07/02/2007 Report Violation
"What Zook said. Don't know your area, but at Wal-Mart they have Apple Barrel paints for $.44 and Folk Arts Metallics for $.88. I've been using them since I started drybrushing and they work great." - Shadow Master - 06/29/2007 Report Violation
"If you're on a budget...stick with the cheap craft acrylics. They can serve you well and at only about a dollar a color they're quite cost-effective. Keep up the great work!" - Zook - 06/29/2007 Report Violation
"i think its great,awsome use of knight and viking kit. nice bash dude :D" - Jake chisholme(Atomica08) - 06/29/2007 Report Violation
"Anything more. ;) It's a nice simple bash and will look good when you get it painted. And doesn't it suck when the dog gets a hold of pieces. I had the woman's dog chew up a dragon tail. >:( Was able to salvave it for a custom at least." - Shadow Master - 06/28/2007 Report Violation
"before you say any thing more, i know it's not fancy or anything, but i don't own any paint or painting materials. i need to get to an art supply store" - Lazar Janus - 06/28/2007 Report Violation
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