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Customized by: SeraphimZeta (Contact)
Added: June 28, 2007 (2145 Page Views)
Gargantuan Destiny Figurine Rakos

The Elegun race is not native to Chimaros, but have done quite well for themselves due to their advanced technology and the discovery of the element Rakolios (allowing them to venture into the realm of dimensional manipulation).

Darren Cityship houses over 10 million citizens ruled under a system of genocratic communism, and houses the Elegun Government and the bulk of the military forces, including the Gargantuan Destiny Figurine Rakos.

Due to the fact that many of the lifeforms on Chimaros are on a much larger scale than the Elegen, the Rakos was created to interact with such beings and, primarily, to defend Darren Cityship.  There are two technologies that are at the core of this project.

Biomechanical engineering has allowed for the creation of the Figurine, with a neuronet that allows it to be piloted by up to three genetically engineered pilots that are able to synch with the machine and each other to maximize potential.

With the new developments using Rakolios, Darren Cityship has been equiped with a summoning pad located at the top of the ship.  This, along with the Rakos power coils, allow the machine to be stored in a pocket dimension until summoned.  The power coils and sword of the Rakos allow for various dimension-warping battle techniques.

Rakos also contains a relatively small contingent of fighters that are contained within and lauched from the fighter bays located within the shoulders.

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"Really nice clean custom - Good face too!" - Phil Ashby - 06/29/2007 Report Violation
"Thanks! This pic does convey the scale. The robot is average humanoid size, the city shown here to scale with the figure/average humanoid, but the race itself is tiny in comparison." - SeraphimZeta - 06/28/2007 Report Violation
"I like this one a lot. Nice work." - Shadow Master - 06/28/2007 Report Violation
"Very cool! Too bad there weren't some elements you could use (a backdrop, perhaps?) to convey the scale..." - Zook - 06/28/2007 Report Violation
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