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Customized by: SeraphimZeta (Contact)
Added: June 28, 2007 (2332 Page Views)
On Chimaros, colonization often leads to mutation, which often leads to war between the colonies and the parent state.  An assassin of the Hunshin state, Makoot was sent to a rebeling colony with an engineered biological weapon that would destroy the colonists by attacking those with the mutant gene.

After releasing the weapon, Makoot was chased down by soldiers to a construction site.  With no visible means of escape, Makoot attempted to use the Men'ten technique (soul-switching) on one of the giant construction robots - a feat never attempted before, but done in hopes of returning to his seemingly dead body after the weapon took care of his enemies.

The virus worked all too well, however, and killed off the entire race including the non-mutants and Makoot's own body.  Makoot was stranded in the machine, and the mechanical/electronic systems were near impossible to control.  It took nearly a decade for Makoot to master the new body to the level that he could perform his assassin techniques.

Once he gained control of the new body, he left the area in search of civilization.  He came to find out that the majority of civilized life forms are much larger than his own race was, and that his new body fit in quite well.  He picked up his career where he left off, only this time with the enhanced strength of the robot and another ability:  as a waste disposal unit, anything placed into his "mouth" is broken down on the atomic level into energy that Makoot can use to add power to his assassin techniques.

Makoot was quickly discovered by Mr. Get, and is now employed as his right-hand man and "cleaner".

More: http://smg.photobucket.com/albums/v123/Seraphimzet...

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