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Customized by: Phil Ashby (Contact)
The Kurgan
Added: June 23, 2007 (3254 Page Views)

I present - From the film Highlander, Connor McLeod's immortal enemy -

The Kurgan!

A Gamma Viking with an omega chest, milliput sculpt done in layers, customised knight sword. I'm pretty happy with him :-)

A lot of love gone in here - Highlander is one of my all time fave films.      Please check out the extra pics on Photobucket


More: http://s44.photobucket.com/albums/f49/Philly73/The...

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"he looks happy lol " - xlasher - 06/22/2009 Report Violation
"Another great custom. Shall I crank up the Queen?" - SeraphimZeta - 09/10/2007 Report Violation
"Brilliant!" - Dan Slutz - 09/03/2007 Report Violation
"Well that my friend is art at its best !!" - Hemish Dekker - 07/20/2007 Report Violation
":-) Well theres art and theres craft - Art is a unique 'one off' and craft can be reproduced exactly - I dont even know if i'd be even able to do this guy well enough again! He kind of just 'happened'... :-l" - Phil Ashby - 07/20/2007 Report Violation
"Dam I want to give this another 10!! What are the chances of getting you to make me one ? ;)" - Hemish Dekker - 07/19/2007 Report Violation
"The face was easy once I learned how to stop breathing! :-D (thats a joke kids, dont try that at home)" - Phil Ashby - 07/09/2007 Report Violation
"10'd and faved! The helmet sculpt is great :)" - Nick.L - 07/06/2007 Report Violation
"How this cannot be in ppls fav list is beyond me! I had a look at the photobucket pics and i'd love to be able to give you a higher score, the painting of the face/helmut must have been a nightmare." - Hemish Dekker - 07/04/2007 Report Violation
"He is brilliant! Love everything about him :)" - Misty Jedi - 06/26/2007 Report Violation
"Yeah, Larry Stikfas is visiting me at the mo :-)" - 06/25/2007 Report Violation
"NICE!!And was that ACTUALLY larry in the photobucket!?" - 06/25/2007 Report Violation
"I had to go back and give it another 10 but as anonymous - hemish" - 06/24/2007 Report Violation
"very nice phil, love that armor and helmet" - BullStik - 06/24/2007 Report Violation
"Heck with the chest armor... look at that helmet!!! 10!!! :)" - Larry Greyczik. - 06/23/2007 Report Violation
"That chest armour is amazing, the details are really good, something to be very proud of, 10'd !!" - Hemish Dekker - 06/23/2007 Report Violation
"Nope, it should go to me! That is awesome. Great job. Love it. 10." - Keith Pingel - 06/23/2007 Report Violation
"NO!!! I want it ;)" - Donald Vandervoort - 06/23/2007 Report Violation
"WOW!!!! that is awesome let me have it ;) " - FETT1969 - 06/23/2007 Report Violation
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