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Customized by: Eric Henshaw (Contact)
The Untamable
Added: June 19, 2007 (2573 Page Views)

Rogues, outlaws, and pirates are all terms that could be used to describe the crew of the starcruiser, Untamable. In 2854, three years after the long awaited end of " The Machine Wars", Captain Valen Gabriel finally manages to assemble a crew that he can trust and that have the ability to carry out the dangerous "jobs" he picks up. The only problem is that now, only three years after the war, survival will be their greatest challenge. A new enemy looms on the galactic horizon, threatening to crush all life in all the inhabited galaxies. It is both familier and foreign to the eyes of men and machines, and destuction is their only purpose.

I've been out of town working for the past month and had a chance to do some mad kitbashing in the evenings. I started with Gary the robot and things just grew from there. The looming enemy I talked about is currently undergoing one minor cosmetic change and then it will also be posted. I also have a near complete part-time member of the crew that I will also post upon completion. I hope you like them and everything so far! Thanks!

More: http://s106.photobucket.com/albums/m266/plasticjun...

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"dude your customs are still as ckean and sharp as ever! love looking at your stuff!" - Yu Sing - 06/30/2007 Report Violation
" Great team. They all go together pretty well. " - Nick.L - 06/27/2007 Report Violation
"Brilliant work!" - Mark Harris - 06/20/2007 Report Violation
"spectacular job. these guys are wicked awesome, i got my own crew of space rogues in the works, not a batch of solid 10's like this lot, but still... :) " - Ben - 06/19/2007 Report Violation
"more pics? your wish is my command!" - Eric Henshaw - 06/19/2007 Report Violation
"Awesome stuff as always, man. Would love to see some more pictures of them all. The backgrounds you've used make it quite difficult to make out the details that I know are hiding within. " - Zook - 06/19/2007 Report Violation
"This group is awesome. I like 64 and the robots the best. Crosswire is really cool too. Would love to do a swap with you one day if you are up for it." - Keith Pingel - 06/19/2007 Report Violation
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