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Customized by: Sam (Contact)
M.C Mike
Added: June 10, 2007 (2196 Page Views)

M.C (Melee Combat) Mike is the 3rd Cyborg Unit of the experimental "Black Rose Project" (1st unit being Gen. Rotten Skull, 2nd being Minigun Sammy), designated Unit 03. With the fall of Gen. Rotten Skull under Sam's bayonet, M.C Mike has been sent to hunt down the renegade who has betrayed the organisation. Will M.C Mike suceed in his mission? Or will he learn of the truth behind Sam's betrayal?

M.C Mike's speciality is in stealth and melee combat, capable of striking under the cover the of darkness. His agility is the best amongst the 3 Units

Armaments: 1. "Bloodlust" Plasma Saber (primary); 2. Chest mounted laser vulcan; 3. "Achilles" EM Disrupter Missile.

Armour: Pressurised Ceramics with Nanokelvar weaving for enhanced strength, protection from conventional rounds and limited protection from energy weapons. Has additional stealth coating and hydrogen inner padding to reduce radar and heat signature.

Others: Pegasus MK-II Jump Jets for enhanced mobility.

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Visitor Comments: (newest first)
"SWEE ARH!!!" - 06/13/2007 Report Violation
"Nay, sry to disappoint u Zook but I ain't him =)" - Sam - 06/12/2007 Report Violation
"Have you been over to The Asylum (http://www.stikfanatics.com)? Is this Sam Kassover?" - Zook - 06/11/2007 Report Violation
"Very cool! Melikes a lots!" - Zook - 06/11/2007 Report Violation
"Just to note the dangling hole at the right of the hip is actually the holster for Mike's "Bloodlust" Saber. The best thing I like about him is the T-Bolt as well as the right arm." - 06/10/2007 Report Violation
"Thanks Morris! It's red cuz I feel it is the better colour to use for this "gunship grey-black scheme". I had earlier wanted this guys to be all-black ala Jin-Roh but thought it would be too boring. So yeah ^^" - 06/10/2007 Report Violation
"Nice. The paint job really fits in with your background. Why is the sword red? Nice job, 9/10" - Yuma Morris - 06/10/2007 Report Violation
"Another special note would be the shoulder plate which is from the Spaceman Sheen Guard. I use epoxy inside for detailing and sticking. And yes, the chest vulcan is from Luke's Lightsaber ;)" - 06/10/2007 Report Violation
"Thanks! Is the T-bolt the upper torso? All the detailing is done by filing. The 2 indents at the side I wanna add 2 vulcans at each side but I've yet to find a suitable material to work with. " - 06/10/2007 Report Violation
"Nice work. T-Bolt looks good." - Keith Pingel - 06/10/2007 Report Violation
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