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Customized by: Sam (Contact)
Minigun Sammy 2.0
Added: June 6, 2007 (2429 Page Views)

Vengeance is not without is price. For reasons unknown, Sam found himself gradually consumed by vengeance and hatred he thought quenched with the death of Gen. Rotten Skull.  

Designated Unit 02 prior to his betrayal to the organisation, Sam is the most heavily armed cyborg in the "Black Rose Project", an all-rounder capable of dealing punishment from near or far. His current outfit is an upgrade received after killing Skull and stealing the armoury to replace his earlier minigun, the "Avenger". 

Armaments: 1. "Vengeance" Gatling Laser/ Missile Launcher (primary); 2. "Achilles" EMP Disrupter; 3.  Tactical Missile.

Armour: 1. "Darksight" Cybernetics Helm (provides central control of Sam's array of artillery); 2.  Pressurised ceramics with nanokelvar coating for enhanced strength and protection.

Backpack: Anaheim Electronics Experimental Micro Fusion Pack. Fitted with a charge indicator and power regulator. Power can be directed to "Vengeance" to provide a simultaneous burst of laser (effectively turning it into a laser cannon) or directed to charge "Achilles". Whilst "Vengeance" can operate in gatling/cannon mode, "Achilles" can only operate in cannon mode, and for both weapons in cannon mode to be operational, a charge needs to be accumulated. Thus the need for a charge indicator.  

Others: "Cyclops" EM-Wave Acquisition/Targeting System;  "Pegasus MK-I" Jump Jet Boots; Utility Belt, Bayonet.

Special thanks to Kelly Wilson for advice on using epoxy and sculpting.

Update: Leaving it here for comparison with updated NMS-04. (4/7/07)

More: http://www.paintstik.com/custom.php?custom=1726

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"Well it'd prolly be cutting across the gun right at the peghole, drilling thru the centre of the barrels from both sides using different diameter drill bits. Get a Yakult straw and stuff it into the barrel and screw the 2 halves of the minigun together." - Sam - 07/02/2007 Report Violation
"dude, you've got to tell us how you plan on making the minigun spin when you've got it done!" - Lazar Janus - 07/02/2007 Report Violation
"Ok now I'm dropping by a modelling shop tomorrow and yes, I assure you that the upcoming Minigun Sammy deserves many 10s. I've done something never done before here. ;) " - Sam - 07/02/2007 Report Violation
"Fantastic! awesome job." - 06/21/2007 Report Violation
"Well Done and Your welcome :)" - Kelly Wilson(kel7alpha) - 06/06/2007 Report Violation
"Thanks! The last possible upgrade I have for him would be a spinning minigun. Too bad I do not have the tools available yet. That's be awesome I reckon." - Sam - 06/06/2007 Report Violation
"Aye! I loved your Minigun Sammy! This is a great improvement, too. Great work!" - Zook - 06/06/2007 Report Violation
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