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Customized by: Phil Ashby (Contact)
Aliens - United States Colonial Marine
Added: June 5, 2007 (2667 Page Views)

Heres another Alien themed custom - A USCM Trooper - Armed and ready for a Bug Hunt...

Made from an Omega Military with accessories from the Adventurer, Pop Star, Diver, Mobster, Knight, Fireman, Biker and the pulse rifle was from Marauder. I liked this shot, but check the other PB pics for the skull motif etc.

More pics and working shots here: http://s44.photobucket.com/albums/f49/Philly73/Aliens%20US%20Colonial%20Marine/


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"Hi Yuma, Yeah, a little milliput for the nose and chin and for the helmet mic :-)" - Phil Ashby - 06/15/2007 Report Violation
"The gun handle did need a little 'shaving' to fit the hand a little better the gun inspired the custom really. Phil Ashby" - 06/15/2007 Report Violation
"Hey! thats the NCM rifle from marauderinc.com ! Those guys make some great 1/18 scale weapons, I never thought of using one on a custom stik though. Did you have to mod the handel?" - 06/14/2007 Report Violation
" Great detail as usual man! Instant 10." - 06/12/2007 Report Violation
"Nice job, I really like the face, did you sculp it?" - Yuma Morris - 06/07/2007 Report Violation
"I like the camo and gadgets u added." - Sam - 06/06/2007 Report Violation
"awsome gun dude and a another great custom " - 06/06/2007 Report Violation
"That gun is ACE! :) " - Misty Jedi - 06/06/2007 Report Violation
"Ooh. That is excellent, Phil. Great work!" - Zook - 06/05/2007 Report Violation
"That gun looks way too good to be a mod. If it is, wow, nice job. Great job all around, especially the face." - Mad Rhetoric - 06/05/2007 Report Violation
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